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What Makes a Good Project Management Partner

The qualities of a good project management partner....

Project Management Approach

At WSP Engineering, we are proud of our tried and tested, unique approach to project management.

The backbone of our business is built on our project management solutions that take your ideas from concept to reality.

The success of all great ideas is in the execution and delivery. This is achieved through effective and efficient project management, ensuring projects stay on track and are delivered on time.

So what makes a good project management partner?

Communication and Leadership

Our project managers are expert communicators and effective leaders. A successful project is underpinned by effective communication. Therefore, our project managers undergo extensive learning and development programmes to maximise their communication and leadership abilities.

Effective communication ensures that all parties are engaged in the project details and timescales, encourages collaboration and creates accountability.


A project management partner should have a simple yet effective project delivery process.

Our approach to project management is structured by our unique process, which follows these stages:







You can find full details on this process can be found here.

This process ensures all bases are covered, and no stone is left unturned in the planning and delivery of a project. In addition, it creates clear accountabilities and easy-to-follow timescales and progress updates.

Our project management team and engineers are fully trained in all aspects of our process and ways of working, ensuring they have the skill set to exceed your expectations and deliver our project management process. 

Problem Solving

No project is without its challenges, and we are proud of our team’s track record in solving problems quickly with innovative solutions.

We seek quick thinkers and natural problem solvers when recruiting our project managers, giving you the confidence that should an issue arise, our team will be on hand to put things right and find a solution.

Our project management approach and ethos give our team the confidence to make decisions and work with their initiative.

Holistic Approach

A good project management service provider should set goals and make decisions that ultimately deliver on the project’s long-term success criteria.

Utilising technology and making data-driven business focussed decisions is essential to achieving the desired success criteria.

Working with a project management partner that can keep one on the detail and the other on the big picture will ensure the right decisions are made, a high standard of work is achieved, and the project is delivered on time.


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