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WSP Engineering Launch Health and Safety Training Solution

Offering a wide range of Health and Safety Courses

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WSP Engineering has taken a significant step forward in our mission to “Create and deliver an unrivalled engineering service” by launching a comprehensive health and safety training solution. 

This initiative aims to equip professionals across various industries with the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure a safe working environment. 

We believe workplace safety extends beyond mere compliance—it’s an investment in our clients’ most valuable asset: their employees. Through our comprehensive safety training programs, we equip your personnel with the knowledge and skills needed to maintain a secure working environment, fostering a culture of safety that safeguards both individuals and organisations.

This training solution is part of WSP Engineering’s commitment to safety. It will offer a full range of Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), National Examination Board of Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH), and City and Guilds Occupational Safety and Health qualifications. Furthermore, WSP Engineering are ISO accredited for ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001.

Our health and safety training solution caters to the unique needs of individuals and organisations. The training courses offered cover a broad spectrum of safety disciplines, including but not limited to:

NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management

This course provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of the accepted principles and recognised industrial practices for managing process risks. Upon completion, participants will be capable of identifying and contributing to the control of process safety hazards.

NEBOSH General Certificate Course

This course provides a comprehensive understanding of occupational health and safety, covering key topics and essential skills required for effective safety management.

NEBOSH Construction Certificate Course

Focused on the construction industry, this course is tailored to address the specific challenges and safety considerations within the construction sector.

IOSH Managing Safely Course

Geared towards managerial roles, this course empowers leaders with the skills to oversee and implement robust safety measures within their teams and organisations.

IOSH Directing Safely Course

Aimed at top-level executives and directors, this course emphasises strategic safety leadership, ensuring that decision-makers are well-versed in creating a safety-oriented corporate culture.

IOSH Working Safely Course

Tailored for all levels of employees, this course instils a fundamental understanding of workplace safety, fostering a culture of responsibility among staff.

NVQ Occupational Health & Safety Practice Course

This course focuses on practical, on-the-job training, allowing participants to apply their knowledge directly to real-world scenarios.

Manual Handling, Train the Trainer

Addressing the critical issue of manual handling, this course equips participants to become trainers themselves, enabling the dissemination of crucial knowledge throughout the organisation.

Asbestos Awareness Course

Given the potential hazards associated with asbestos, this course provides essential knowledge to identify, manage, and mitigate risks related to asbestos exposure.

Noise & Vibration Assessments 

We can offer a full range of noise assessments to meet the requirements of the new Noise at Work regulations and vibration assessments that cover everything from the whole workplace to a single tool assessment on an individual piece of equipment. 

Why choose WSP Engineering's Health and Safety Training Solution?

Expert Instructors 

WSP Engineering’s training programs are led by experienced instructors with extensive backgrounds in occupational safety, ensuring that participants receive top-notch education and guidance.

Practical Applications

The courses emphasise practical application, allowing participants to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world situations, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the training.

Industry Recognition

Our training providers’ affiliation with renowned organisations such as IOSH, NEBOSH, and City and Guilds ensures that the certifications earned are globally recognised, adding significant value to participants’ professional profiles.

Customised Solutions 

Recognising the diverse needs of different industries, WSP Engineering offers customised solutions tailoring training programs to address specific challenges and requirements.

WSP Engineering’s launch of a comprehensive health and safety training solution signifies a crucial step towards fostering safer workplaces for our clients. As businesses increasingly prioritise employee well-being and regulatory compliance, WSP Engineering stands as a reliable partner in shaping a safer, more secure working environment.

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