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Catching up with our Graduate Engineers

 As part of WSP Engineering’s vision and strategic business plan aimed at fostering the next generation of engineering talent, the launch of our graduate scheme last year has proven to be a significant milestone. 

We recently sat down with Danish and Anthony, the pioneering graduates of this program. These two individuals have brought a fresh perspective to WSP Engineering, having successfully navigated their academic journeys and early career experiences. 

In this article, we gain insights into their paths, experiences within the WSP Engineering program, and their aspirations for the future. 

What is your background, and why did you choose to enter the engineering field?

Danish – I hail from Malaysia and moved to the UK to pursue my studies. From a young age, I’ve been fascinated by problem-solving. I chose to study Chemical Engineering at the University of Birmingham, which provided me with a pathway to channel my passion for finding solutions and solving problems.

Anthony – Originally, I aspired to study medicine, but a two-year stint in Nigeria studying petroleum engineering redirected my path and career aspirations. Upon my return, the University of Hull offered me the chance to delve into Mechanical and Medical Engineering, which I gladly accepted.

Why did you join the WSP Engineering graduate scheme?

Danish – The scheme offers many opportunities to learn and experience different aspects of the engineering industry. I wanted to explore, experiment, and find my true area of passion and expertise. I believe the WSP Engineering graduate scheme will provide me with the opportunities to find this.

Anthony – I like the idea of working for a multi-faceted company that fosters growth and development. The graduate scheme provides me with the ideal environment to integrate my learnings into different engineering skills and work across diverse projects.

Has there been any particular highlights?

Danish – The collaborative teamwork within WSP Engineering stands out for me. Meeting new people, working together, and having the space to create and implement ideas has been incredibly fulfilling. I’ve enjoyed seeing how ideas and processes translate into real-world situations, and the exposure to product development regulations has particularly interested me.

Anthony – Working with different teams has been invaluable. The help and learning I’ve received while expanding my skills across various sites and departments within the business have provided a depth of hands-on experience. Witnessing the behind-the-scenes processes of how consumer goods are made has been eye-opening.

What are your plans for the future?

Anthony – I see this as a foundation to pursue my chartership. The diverse interactions with different sites and projects within the business are instrumental in working towards that goal. I’m eager to see where my career takes me and to build strong relationships within the business and the industry.

Danish – I aim to grow into a career that gives back to the world by creating solutions to solve problems. Contributing positively to global challenges is where I see my trajectory heading.

We thank Danish and Anthony for sharing their insightful journeys in our graduate engineering scheme so far.

Follow the link below to learn more about our graduate engineering scheme.