We are experts in project management and specialise in delivering end-to-end project management services or turnkey solutions for our partners

Our highly skilled and experienced team can make your idea a reality, from redesigning and repurposing food production lines to turning empty space into a fully functional production facility. 

We continually invest in our people and our network of trusted suppliers, allowing us to take care of every aspect of your project, from full CDM management, process and machinery safety and engineering design to the fabrication, build and installation of buildings and equipment.

The first stage of every project starts with Feasibility.

Firstly we review your project goals and objectives and begin to outline the scope and resource requirements.

We can estimate the costs and business benefits, success criteria and project timescales.

The feasibility stage is crucial to managing the project as not fully understanding the scope and validity at the outset can significantly affect all aspects of the expected outcome as the process progresses through each of the following stages.

The second step of our project management process is the concept stage. This is where we narrow the project’s scope and move further into detail.

We will set project goals and objectives and put project governance and organisational structures in place.

Our experienced team will work with you to explore multiple solutions and their costs, benefits and risks, whilst identifying areas of opportunity with your current or similar equipment to assess areas of improvement such as engineer access, ease of maintenance, layout and reliability.

In addition to identifying ways we can improve the operation of the equipment, we also review opportunities to improve product quality, from accurate date codes and pack weights to the prevention of foreign body contamination.

Further to this will be the continued refinement of the project costs, benefits, timings and risks.

After assessing the feasibility and producing the concepts, we begin to define the final project solution and scope.

Our team will produce a project proposal detailing the exact scope, success criteria, timescales and a breakdown of all costs and benefits.

A URS (User Requirements Specification) is produced to document the expectations that the suppliers and contractors working on the project should deliver and will include items such as product and packaging specifications, engineering standards and equipment operations and maintenance.

The implementation stage is split into three phases.

Procurement – where we decide a specification for purchase and place orders.

Manufacture and Construction, a detailed design review and sign-off are completed, along with a clear plan for the installation and commissioning of equipment. We also plan for any necessary training required for effective operation post-implementation.

Installation and commissioning, firstly, we complete a vendor acceptance test whereby we review compliance, testing and safety.

Our experienced team oversees all installation aspects, from contractor management to phasing and compliance.

Commissioning and testing process, reviewing safety compliance, operational and quality testing and scope standards.

After installation, we complete a two-phase handover process.

The first phase consists of ramp-up and qualification testing; we ensure all snagging items are resolved and signed off, documentation is present, operator and engineer training are completed, and the equipment is signed off against the success criteria.

In the second phase of the handover, we carry out verification testing, ensuring your equipment has been tested operationally, achieves the correct quality standards, and runs an induced failure test.

The final stage of our project management process is the review stage.

Our team will work proactively with you to ensure the project criteria have been met and review any further scope for improvement.

We will provide a complete project debrief, ensure all snagging items are signed off, and ensure your team is confident with the new equipment and processes introduced



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