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Improving Logistics for a Packaging Solutions Business

Improving Loading Bays

Warehouse Engineering

WSP Engineering has successfully completed a project that involved enhancing the efficiency of the loading bays at the distribution site of a paper and packaging supplier. The project involved replacing outdated finger bays with modern dock loading bays, which offer numerous advantages over the former.

The client is a packaging solutions industry leader that prides itself on innovation and sustainability. The site in question is one of their largest distribution centres in the UK.

Prior to the project, the site relied on finger bays that limited loading capacity and reduced the number of trailers that could be loaded simultaneously.

As the principal contractor for the project, WSP Engineering was responsible for site safety, contractor management and working alongside the client’s onsite project team to ensure the project was delivered safely, on time and to scope.

The project was completed on time and with no accidents, and this project’s success highlights the value of logistical and distribution business improvement projects. With the new dock loading bays, the site can now handle larger volumes of stock more efficiently.

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