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Automated FSDU Packing Line

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FSDU Packing Line

WSP Engineering is excited to announce our project with Intellect and Astec Conveyors to develop the second generation of automated FSDU packing lines for a global logistics business.

Intelect has been delivering global engineering solutions for over 25 years in the FMCG, utilities, energy and industrial sectors. 

Chris Smith, Technical Director for Intelect, said “Automation has become an essential solution for many businesses, and working on this automated packing solution has demonstrated our team’s capabilities in developing and managing efficient autonomous control systems.”

Astec Conveyors designs and manufactures bespoke systems and standalone units, including belt, roller, case and pallet conveyors. Astec Conveyors has over 150 years of combined experience in material handling and the process and packaging industry- providing valuable insight into the development of the second generation of automated FSDU packing lines.

Adrian Smart, Director for Astec Conveyors, said, “Astec is an industry leader in producing bespoke conveyor systems, and we are incredibly proud to be involved in the development of the second generation of automated FSDU packing lines. This project has allowed us to showcase our engineering expertise and collaborative capabilities.”

FSDUs (free-standing display units) are becoming more commonplace in retail. The surge in demand for FSDUs is due to them being cost and space-efficient solutions for displaying new products and driving impulse sales.

The increased demand for FSDUs led our client to contract WSP Engineering to develop a more efficient solution for FSDU packing lines. Working alongside Astec Conveyors and Intelect, WSP Engineering were able to design and manufacture the second generation of automated FSDU packing lines.

For the project, the client had the following criteria that needed to be met:

  • Reduction in manual handling time for the entire process of wrapping FSDU units
  • Ease of learning for new and existing staff on how to operate the packing line
  • The ability to switch between chosen parameters of FSDU, adapting to size differences between types of FSDU units.
  • To reduce wasted wrapping material by improving the efficiency of the process.

Karl Brown, Turnkey Function Lead at WSP Engineering, said, “This project allowed us to engage the creative and problem-solving part of our brains! The end result ticked all the boxes, saving the client time and money and improving their employees’ safety and working environment. The entire project has been a team effort, with Intelect and Astec having been a pleasure to work with.”

For the client, WSP Engineering oversaw the following factors:

  • Design of the automated FSDU packing line.
  • Contractor Selection and Management.
  • Project management.
  • Training and after-installation support.

Upon completion of the project, the client expects to see the following business, cost and environmental benefits:

  • 65% reduction in manual handling tasks and associated risks
  • Supporting line balance through a structured production flow
  • Overall efficiency rate of 40%, providing increased capacity and the ability to provide more flexibility to their customers
  • Up to 8000 metres of material saved per year

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