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What is a Free Standing Display Unit?

How retailers are using free standing display units to launch new products and drive incremental sales

Shipper Display Unit

Free standing display units (FSDUs) are becoming a popular choice for retailers and manufacturers to display their merchandise.

They can be a visually impactful and space-efficient way of merchandising stock, driving incremental impulse purchases and showcasing a new product or promotion.

What is a Free Standing Display Unit?

A free standing display unit or shipper is typically made of cardboard and sits either inside a plastic waterproof shroud or on top of a wooden or plastic display unit and is used to display retail stock.

FSDUs rose in popularity in the mid to late 2000s and were extensively used to display and promote new DVD and video game releases.

Their compact and versatile nature allows them to be placed in various locations around a store, typically at the end of aisles, near customer queue locations or at the store entrance.

What are the advantages?

There are numerous advantages for both retailers and manufacturers when utilising shipper display units.

Labour and efficiency

Most FSDUs will come “pre-filled” from the depot and, once delivered into the store, can be put in place and unwrapped, saving valuable labour resources and allowing them to be displayed immediately on the shopfloor. 

Showcasing Products

The ability to print bespoke artwork on an FSDU creates opportunities to create visually appealing and eye-catching displays. This is particularly impactful when they are placed at the front of a store and promoting a new game or film release.

Game publisher Activision has had great success using visually impressive FSDUs to promote the release of their new Call of Duty games.

Maximising Availability

Retailers always seek to maximise shelf space and reduce the need for regular replenishment. Displaying fast-selling SKUs on an FSDU can maximise product availability.

You will typically see retailers use these types of shippers for baked beans, soft drinks and beer.

Seasonal Trade

During seasonal periods such as Christmas and Easter, free-standing shippers are ideal for displaying seasonal specific lines, removing the need to merchandise them into a fixture and providing sufficient shopfloor stockholding.

Cadbury’s has successfully used shippers for many years to promote their “mini egg” range at Easter.

Promotions and Impulse Sales

A strong promotional message can readily be displayed on shippers, and they are a great way to drive incremental sales opportunities around the shop floor.

Brands such as Duracell frequently offer their products in an FSDU, driving incremental sales on their range of batteries.


How can WSP Engineering help?

We have extensive knowledge and experience working in the FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) sector. We have recently designed, engineered and implemented automated shipper packaging solutions for global industry-leading logistical companies.

In the challenging logistical and retail industries, an automated solution to safely and efficiently pack and distribute FSDUs is highly advantageous.

To discuss your next project with us, follow the link below.

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