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Remy’s Site Safety Tips

Our HSE Manager's tips for Delivering Site Safety

Remy Sogny Site Safety

Site safety is the most important part of delivering a successful project. It encompasses everything from ensuring the site is well maintained, and the correct PPE is in use, to creating risk assessments and ensuring contractors follow these when carrying out tasks. Everyone is responsible for site safety, and it is managed by the principal contractor, who has overall authority and accountability for the project from pre-construction to the final handover.

Ensuring everyone gets home safely at the end of the day is every employer’s number one priority. Effective site safety ensures people are kept safe, and projects are delivered on time and within budget. Poor site safety can result in significant consequences for both the businesses and the people involved in the project. From legal ramifications such as fines and court cases to serious injuries, fatalities and environmental impacts.

Choosing the right principal contractor with the necessary skills, resources and qualifications backed up by a team of experts is crucial to delivering a safe and successful project.

With this in mind, we spoke to our HSE Manager, Remy Sogny, who has extensive experience and knowledge in managing site safety and got his top site safety tips.


Seamless and effective communication is crucial to ensuring consistent site safety. Providing the right information to the right people at the right time builds a seamless communication process where all parties know the associated risks and measures in place to mitigate them.

Site Presence

I coach and encourage our team to maintain a strong onsite presence which ensures contractors are managed effectively, safety standards are delivered, and there is an approachable point of contact for the client, contractors and employees onsite. An effective site presence from the principal contractor builds a positive culture onsite and drives the right behaviours.


It is important to make no assumptions when handling site safety. A large number of incidents occur through complacency and force of habit. Setting clear expectations and providing constructive feedback in a timely manner will support the teams onsite to deliver the desired safety standards.


Displaying the correct leadership behaviours and style will set the right tone for the project and its safety requirements. WSP Engineering believes that leadership skills are just as essential as technical skills, and every member of our team is trained and developed to build on their leadership skills. Having individuals onsite that can lead the team, use their initiative and react quickly to resolve any unsafe situations is essential to managing site safety.

We thank Remy for his time and insight and hope you found his site safety tips useful.

WSP Engineering are experts in HSE, engineering and project management. We have successfully delivered principal contractor services for some of the largest projects and brands in the United Kingdom. Our team understands the importance of following the CDM requirements and will ensure your project is planned and implemented to the highest safety standards and the latest regulations.

Our team approaches projects with a detailed and comprehensive safety strategy which effectively manages risks throughout the project lifecycle. This strategy is centred around the following cornerstones;


Effectively planning tasks and mitigating associated risks through risk assessments and mitigation measures. 


We believe people make the most significant difference to a successful project, and our team ensures contractors have the correct skills and expertise to match the project requirements. 


We focus on cooperation and coordination, with clear communication channels and processes established to provide accurate and up-to-date information about risks and their management. 

Through these comprehensive steps, WSP Engineering consistently demonstrates its commitment to addressing risks holistically and fostering a culture of safety and collaboration.

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