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We caught up with Alex Douglas, our newly promoted Project Manager, to learn more about his career and time at WSP Engineering. Alex joined the team as a project engineer in 2021 at the end of his graduate scheme.

Our project managers are a crucial part of our business, ensuring projects are delivered on time and to scope

Their unique backgrounds and areas of expertise allow WSP Engineering to exceed our clients’ expectations and deliver multiple projects at the same time across the country. 

Why did you choose a career in engineering?

I have always enjoyed engineering, from space exploration to Formula 1. Identifying issues, rectifying and then seeing the improvements you’ve made to a process be recognised provides me with great satisfaction. The impact these developments make to an individual or business is why I chose engineering.

Engineering allows you to see your ideas grow and how the results benefit people and businesses. Furthermore, there are always new and varied challenges to navigate and overcome. 

What kind of projects have you worked on at WSP Engineering?

Working at WSP Engineering has enabled me to work on a wide variety of projects, from automated hot chocolate packing lines and energy recovery solutions to complex gas infrastructure and site capacity projects.

The complexity of projects and the growth opportunities they present has accelerated my experience and learning by allowing me to work with various stakeholders, businesses and contractors.

What’s it like to work at WSP Engineering?

Working at WSP Engineering focuses on being agile and effective in your work. There are a variety of projects being undertaken at once, and there is an opportunity to get involved in projects beyond your own to further your knowledge, experience and professional maturity.

My career path has been accelerated considerably due to the skills and knowledge gained through working on different projects and the coaching and mentoring provided alongside them.

There is a very open, honest and trusting culture with a diverse and supportive team with a wide range of experience and backgrounds. There is a genuine commitment from the business to the employees. I have built some great relationships whilst working here.

What is unique about WSP Engineering?

WSP Engineering has very efficient processes, and there is a great synergy within the different departments and team members.

The team is very diverse, and there is a healthy culture towards this in the business. Everyone brings their own unique set of skills, experiences and areas of expertise.

Have there been any learning and development opportunities?

There are plenty of learning and development opportunities at WSP Engineering, from practical hands-on experience to personal development programmes.

The personalised development programmes use Clifton Strengths, which has helped my professional maturity and and developed my skill set allowing me to navigate and resolve workplace situations and challenges more effectively.

There is also extensive health and safety training to ensure we are up to date with the latest regulations and comprehensive support for individuals looking to become a chartered engineer. There is plenty of chartered engineering experience across the Senior team, and the help and advice they can provide are incredibly beneficial.

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