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PUWER Assessment

One of the key aspects of successfully following PUWER ( Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998) regulations is ensuring that all equipment used in your workplace undergoes a comprehensive risk assessment. These risk assessments identify potential risks or hazards and outline the measures required to manage or mitigate them. These assessments are a legal requirement of PUWER and must be carried out by a trained and competent individual.

Many businesses have large quantities of different and unique machinery and equipment that requires a PUWER assessment. Keeping track of what assessments have been completed and what actions need to be taken can be a complicated process that, if not managed correctly, could lead to safety and legal implications.

Our digital approach to PUWER assessments and action management can support your business in staying safe and legal.


OAMS (Online Action Management System) is our digital system for managing PUWER assessments. This system is unique to WSP Engineering and has been designed and developed by our engineering team. OAMS is a web-based app that works alongside i-Auditor with multiple-user access that allows you to see assessments and actions in real-time. 

Our engineers carry out the assessments and upload photos and commentary with supporting PUWER regulations onto i-Auditor and OAMS, which your team can view, manage and action.

OAMS is an easy-to-use and navigate app with several key benefits for businesses.

Our Consultancy Manager, Simon Brough, said, ”OAMS is a great platform to use, not only to reduce the report issue timeline to the client but also to offer our clients a digital platform to see their actions at the click of a button. Clients are striving to rescue their environmental impact, and I think we have developed a platform that helps them achieve this.”


A digital PUWER management system means reports and actions can be viewed live, leading to a faster turnaround on both the PUWER assessments and the action management.

Our digital system allows your team to quickly understand the risks present and the actions they need to take to resolve them.


OAMS is accessible from any internet-connected device. Actions can be viewed and filtered by different levels such as machine, line or site. This allows your onsite teams to get into the detail of their specific departments or your senior managers to get a top-level understanding of risk and action progress. This level of access is of particular use to businesses which have multiple sites at different locations. 

Each user has their own specific login, which can be customised to give them certain permission levels and visibility.


A digital approach creates accountability through digital records of who and when individuals created reports and signed off actions. In addition, the ability to add photos and commentary allows your business to show due diligence and your management teams to understand the specifics behind each action.


Our system provides users with a dashboard that allows them to export data, view open and closed actions and filter actions by risk level.

Reports can be customised so all levels of seniority can utilise the data available to them and understand risk and action trends and patterns.

Follow the link below to learn more about OAMS or our comprehensive range of PUWER related services.

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