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The Benefits of Turnkey Projects

How Turnkey Projects Benefit your next Business Investment

Benefits of Turnkey Projects

Our turnkey project function has recently undergone a transformation and investment programme, empowering our team to deliver a “one-stop-shop solution for business improvement and investment projects”. With this expanded function in mind, we decided to share the benefits of using a turnkey solution for your next project. 

Simplified Communication

A turnkey project delivery solution takes the methods and processes typically used and puts them under the direct control and responsibility of a single turnkey project partner.

This removes the need for you to communicate, organise and manage a multitude of contractors and suppliers. Furthermore, all project updates will come via your turnkey project partner. They provide your business with a single point of contact for any project queries.

Cost Control 

Calculating ROI (return on investment) for your business investment is crucial. A turnkey project partner will be able to reduce uncertainty over the total project cost and allow your business to make financial decisions and forecasts accurately. 

There are also cost benefits to having the design and installation undertaken by the same company. Having a single project partner manage and deliver the project will also reduce the amount of internal resources your business will need to allocate to the project.  

Improved project timelines

Utilising a turnkey project partner can lead to improved project timescales. Your project partner can overlap specific design and build stages, ensuring the procurement of materials and contractors align with the project phasing. 

Reduce pressure and free up resources

One of the main benefits of using a turnkey project partner is removing stress and pressure from your business. Having employees tied up in an ad-hoc project or having to source, organise and manage all the various contractors and suppliers can put extreme pressure on your business, detracting from the day-to-day operation. 

Create accountability

A turnkey project partner allows you to create a single source of accountability for the progress and completion of your investment project. Having a single business to communicate with that will resolve any challenges is crucial to keeping a project on track and avoiding a blame or finger-pointing culture. 

Higher Quality

From the outset of a project, a turnkey project partner will set a quality standard that they can measure and maintain throughout the project’s lifecycle.

Your project staying in one pair of hands will increase consistency and maintain high standards.


If you want to learn more about what we do or discuss a turnkey solution for your next business improvement project, contact us via the link below.

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