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Our PUWER and Machinery Safety Approach

How We Effectively Manage PUWER and Machinery Safety

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WSP Engineering’s extensive experience and unique approach empowers our clients to effectively manage compliance with PUWER and Machinery Safety regulations.

Before we detail how our approach is unique, what is PUWER and Machinery Safety, and why is it important?

Why Is It Important?

PUWER is the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 2008. These legal regulations stipulate the responsibility employers have for providing machinery and equipment that is safe and fit for purpose.

Following the PUWER regulations and effectively managing compliance with them is essential to providing a safe working environment for your employees who are using machinery and equipment.

The Machinery Safety Directive contains a set of EHSRs [Essential Health and Safety Requirements] for machinery and introduced the CE Mark. The Directive is transposed into the “Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008 and now covers the use of the  UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) mark. Currently, the CE Mark will stop being recognized in the UK on 31/12/2022.

The purpose of conformity is that equipment and machinery manufacturers must ensure their products are safe and fit for the market.

When Should A PUWER Assessment take place?

A PUWER assessment is required under any of the following circumstances.

Installation /Relocation

When new equipment or machinery has been installed or relocated, and before it is used for the first time, a PUWER assessment should be carried out. This will ensure your new machinery is installed correctly and safe to operate.

Exceptional Circumstances

When equipment or machinery has undergone significant modifications, severe damage and repairs or a substantial change in the nature of use, for example, an extended period of activity, a PUWER assessment should be carried out. This will ensure that health and safety conditions are maintained.

Periodic Reviews

PUWER assessments should be carried out periodically to ensure any deterioration can be detected and remedied. The frequency of these inspections should be based on how quickly the machinery is likely to deteriorate (typically three years).

All PUWER assessments should be recorded and kept until the following assessment has been carried out. 

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How Can WSP Engineering Help

WSP Engineering can support you in the end-to-end management of PUWER and machinery safety regulations and processes in your business. We focus on taking the pressure off by giving you the confidence and tools to effectively navigate and manage these regulations in your workplace.

Below are just some examples of how we can help with the management of PUWER and Machinery Safety.

Sourcing and Purchasing
We can support you in the sourcing and purchasing of new capital equipment, ensuring you are starting off with the best equipment and machinery available.

Pre-Delivery Safety Inspections
Our engineers will complete a pre-delivery machinery safety assessment and carry out testing of safety systems before machinery is dispatched from the manufacturer. From this, we can help you build an action plan and recommend mitigating controls.

Existing Machinery Assessments
Periodic assessments should be carried out on all existing machinery to ensure no new hazards have been introduced since your last inspection. We also have extensive experience in reassessing machinery that has been modified or relocated.

Implementation and Management
The effective implementation of recommendations from your assessment, and management of corrective actions is the most critical step in effectively complying with PUWER. We will provide you with a risk rating and highlight any recommended mitigating controls. Furthermore, we can support you in implementing an action plan and carrying out any further reassessments.

Engaging and practical training is crucial to empowering your team, providing them with the right tools to do their job and building a positive health and safety culture in the workplace. Our PUWER awareness training packages can be tailored for all business functions and seniority.

Our Engineering Consultancy team have extensive real-world knowledge and experience in supporting equipment manufacturers throughout the design risk assessment and certification process. 

As a member of the BSI, we use the latest industry standards, and we have used our years of experience to develop customised inspection reports for specific areas of machinery safety. For example, ensuring your Light Barriers/Curtains are fully compliant with BS EN 62046 ESPE Protection of Persons, BS EN 13855 Approach speeds of Human Body and other more specific machine standards such as BS 415-4 Safety of Palletisers, BS EN 10218 Safety of Industrial Robots.

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Our Unique Approach

WSP Engineering’s unique approach offers our clients a tailored and customer focussed digital solution. Furthermore, our teams extensive engineering and health and safety expertise allow us to provide practical, real-world recommendations and solutions that keep your business safe whilst operating efficiently.

Our bespoke digital solution sets us apart from the competition and is provided through our OAMS (Online Action Management System) application. This bespoke system is in a continuous improvement and development cycle and can be tailored to your exact needs and requirements. 

OAMS empowers you to manage the complete life cycle of PUWER and Machinery Safety from your laptop or mobile device. One of our OAMS app’s main features is a safety management dashboard allowing you to; 

  • View, assign and manage actions and recommendations.

  • See when your next scheduled assessment visits are taking place.

  • Provides access to your full PUWER and Machinery Safety Assessment, allowing you to filter detail by site, asset and level of risk.

  • Track the progress of your assessments, reassessments and actions.

Our team has real-world health and safety and engineering expertise, allowing us to provide a holistic approach to any recommendations we make. Our unique approach empowers you to effectively manage employee safety whilst providing them with the right tools and processes to efficiently carry out their duties. 

We continuously reinvest in our people, and all our assessors are CMSE trained. Furthermore, WSP Engineering is a member of the BSI (British Standards Institution), ensuring their knowledge of PUWER and Machinery Safety regulations is current and up to date.

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In Summary

Never before has it been so important to build a positive safety culture in the workplace and provide your employees with a safe working environment.

Navigating PUWER and Machinery Safety regulations can be a minefield. However, WSP Engineering can save you time and money by giving you the right advice and recommendations the first time around.

Through our advice, training and tailored digital approach, we can give your business the confidence and tools to manage PUWER and Machinery Safety effectively.

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